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I was a patient of the doctor's. I had a prescription for Lipitor, a very common, very safe compound for cholesterol. My prescription ran out. I attempted to fill it at the pharmacy. They contacted the doctor, who refused to refill, indicating I was due for a visit. Rather than receiving a call from the doctor indicating this, the pharmacy had to inform me.

Still, fair enough. I understand the need to be seen. I contacted the doctor to ask (through the assistant) that he provide a short prescription while I awaited my appointment. No response. Two more calls, still no acknowledgment from the doctor. I was off my prescription for weeks. I asked that they send me my medical records so that I might take them to another doctor. They provided them only when I went to the office in person and demanded them.

Here's another clue: I am a man in my 40s. He never suggested a physical exam of any sort. Just the labs and the pills.

I rate him extremely happy to write scripts -- eager in fact to introduce me to new pharmaceuticals -- but a terrible physician in every aspect.

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Dent, Minnesota, United States #1050101

Please read Dr Mercola about taking statins, you will all feel so *** to ever be on this total *** drug! Unbelievable what you people put into your bodies


Pomerado Hospital dumped a client of my board and care for developmental disabled saying she had some sort of blockage but because of her condition they couldn't help her. I'm sure it was because she only had med-i-cal insurance.

Dr. Jackson took the time to fill out the paper work and have her admitted to U.C.S.D. for the upper and lower G.I.

she needed and also added a a test for celiac.Sure enough, she had celiac. Her life has been made so much better thanks to the unselfish care of this wonderful doctor!!!!!


Must be another one of those Rancho snobs, do it my way doc or I'll leave. Who was your doctor before Dr.


He probably 86d you and you thought you could pull the same *** else where. Liptor requires lab testing and by the way change your diet and you won't need it!

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