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I was a Patient Of Dr. Jackson aka Pill pusher and he has a habit of getting a bit to close to his female Patients.

You want Opiates? Xanax? Pay him cash and a tight hug, you will get what ever you want. The man is shameless.

I have reported his actions to the state Board of Physicians. He is a BAD so called Doctor, for your health and safety, stay away from him and his staff. When I was a Patient his Medical assistant even asked me to get her some Oxycontin for her! Really.

I never went back.

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San Diego, California, United States #612141

Your full of it. Move on and *** about your next doctor.

Dr Jackson is a good Man.

My Wife works with him and has never had an issue with him acting creepy. My Wife is a great looking woman as well.


I have heard from two of Dr. Jackson's patients that he was been inappropriate with them (he has groped both of them).

I encouraged them to report this. They said they could not stand the thought of having to go through having to go to court over this and relive it over again. These two women have no reason to lie about this.

I have absolutely no involvement in any of this. I am just concerned that other women will be exposed to this kind of thing

to S***y Lanwick San Diego, California, United States #612146

He said, She said. BLA BLA BLA. :upset

to S***y Lanwick San Diego, California, United States #627647

And you are what to these women? Looking money is my guess FYI he always has supervision while doing an exam on women. You have been had ESQ!


I am a current patient of the Dr. and find your comments not only false but slanderous.

I am glad you no longer want to go to my Dr. because he deserves better patients than you.


Dr. Jackson is my favorite doctor I have seen(and I have seen many) he really understands my problems from my medical issues from the military.

I would go to him over any military doctor. Shame on you for what you have said about this man you are false.


Miss Allison 67 maybe you need to go back to 67! Who does not like a big hug from their caring Doctor um.Dr Jackson is truly a very special guy he is one in a million in Docs that do care about there patients! And as for your accusations about his staff wanting oxycontin you for sure have a screw loose,these women are nothing but professional Rehab may be your answer, He does not give medication so freely as you state.Good luck in finding someone even as close in compassion as Dr Blaine Jackson...


As a patient of Dr. Jackson's, I take personal offense to this obscene post from allison67.

He is a great guy who wants nothing more than to help his patients.

Shame on you...and we all get it, you didn't want to share your oxycontin. Classic addict allison67.


I have sent my family and have seen DR. Jackson myself.

We all received wonderful care. No drugs given.

Don't beleive Allison for one moment. Maybe she didnt get what she wanted.


I have seen Dr. Jackson 2 or 3 times and frankly find this persons' comment not credible.


Don't believe this person for a second. Jackson's a great doctor, and his assistant would never do anything like what this person accused her of. No legitimacy to any of this person's baseless complaints at all.

Coaling, Alabama, United States #54738

poor baby

Coaling, Alabama, United States #54720

Suzie Q got the big one from the Doc!!! :eek

Coaling, Alabama, United States #53817

excuse the misspelling. and I am not a addict like you! :eek

Coaling, Alabama, United States #53816

There are two sides to every story. So what did you see him for?

and what did you have to do to get it? I was never upset because he did not give me anything I ever requested, but by what I saw and two other patients I met, they saw his same ways with his Patients, You sound like you got a good scrip of good stuff!! Good pill pusher Suzie Q!!

Oh he is caring, bend over and he will get what hhe wants and you will gey more PILLS!!!! :cry


This person, Allison, is full of it! Dr.

Jackson is one of the most caring Drs.

around. Allison didn't get her way so she's pissed.

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